Inspired logo design & development

We’ve developed over 300 logos, created complex brand architectures, won logo design awards but what matters most- the next logo we design.

Why? Creating logos is the Holy Grail for a branding agency. Being a part of a logo design is like being part of the birth of a child- it’s an inspired opportunity, it’s the ultimate challenge, it’s a bestowed honor and for our designers it’s how they earn their stripes. A logo’s visibility is undeniable from websites and advertisements to signs and business cards a logo is the foundation of a brand. Knowing this we approach every logo design with an inspired dedication.

When it comes to logo design, we have the right approach and we have some of the most talented designers on the web but this does not make a logo design strategy. To have successful results, to create award winning designs and to consistently impress our clients it comes down to having a repeatable process. At Vital we have honed our process over time and it is the only way we know to be successful every time.

Although we can’t give away the tricks of the trade right here, we are happy to outline the process.

  1. Market research and competitive analysis.
  2. Kick-off meeting, market & industry review
  3. Logo kick-off w/ multiple designers & creative team
  4. Logo Development and design of multiple logo families
  5. internal reviews & selection for presentation
  6. Present to client, get feedback
  7. Edit & develop
  8. Present and make final selections
  9. Create all file formats needed
  10. Create brand guidelines document
  • Package final file formats and brand guidelines for delivery
    Logos serve as symbols of the innovation that underlies the business and creates the face of the brand.

    • Inspired design
    • Talented graphic design team
    • Experienced logo development process
    • Critical Approach & logo development
    • Typography Experts ( See our 3 part series on Typography )
    • Brand Architecture Experts (See our Case Studies & Posts )