What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name is actually the name of your website address and it must be unique. Each domain name is consisting of two parts. For example, our own domain name is Intersoftech.in the first part is the name we chose and the second part is the extension ‘IN’. Be it a region focused name, like for India we use .in domains.

What is a Domain Registration?

Domain Registration is the process of purchasing a domain name from a domain name registrar. Domain names attach with a wide range of prices, depending on the domain name and how much traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential the domain has. If you have a good idea for a web site development, you will need a domain registration to go with it. Inter Softech is the best World’s pioneer domain registration company who will give you the cheap price, best features, customer service and reliability for your domain registration. When you get domain registration, you are provided with a domain management panel from where you may change the settings of your domain as where to point it. For example, you may point your domain to the hosting account where your website files are located.

How to Choose the Right Registrar for Domain Registration?

Please keep it in mind the following major factors while choosing the right registrar for your domain registration:

Why Domain Registration with Navicosoft?

Domain registration is the first step to a successful online business;

NOTE: Get domain by domain name search process for online business startup